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L went peepee in the potty!!!! Multiple times now. :) Wednesday (today is Saturday) I went to the store and bought her the cutest little froggy potty. I figured since she's been pretty good signing "diaper" when she's peed/pooped, that why not start trying w/a potty?

She carried it around the living room when I first brought it home. Then I placed it in the bathroom. The first thing I did was sit on the real toilet next to her on the potty. She was very excited about the whole thing - as was I more than I would've thought. And, sure enough she peed! Later she signed "diaper", I brought her up to the potty, found she'd *just* peed on her diaper and did not pee into the potty. Two minutes after I brought her back downstairs she signed again. Took her back up and, sure enough, this time peed again in the small toilet.

Another time she signed, and found she'd already pooped, but pooped a little more after I put her on. Again tonight, she signed and peed when I brought her up.

And, finally, I had to interupt my journal to see why she was crying in her crib. Sure enough she signed, took her in, and she'd pooed. I wonder if she'll be needing the toilet throughout the night now....

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